New to management?

This is perhaps one of the biggest and most overlooked challenges. Most sales reps assume that they can be a sales manager. But what they often forget is that the two positions, while related, are very different. Being a sales manager is no longer about selling, it’s about managing a team and helping other people maximize their performance to meet sales quotas. Being a sales manager takes a completely different mentality, and an approach that may take some time getting used to.

Retaining key performers

The millennial generation is not prepared to sit around for too long waiting for opportunities to progress. Clearly you cant provide endless promotion opportunities or pay rises. Investing in the talent, skills and knowledge of your team will pay dividends in terms of staff retention and employee engagement.

Time to coach?

This is often the biggest challenge for new sales managers. Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach. To be successful, help your reps improve, and make your sales team better, you need to understand how to motivate and connect with reps on an individual basis. Each rep approaches sales in a unique way, has their own challenges, and has different things that motivate them. Finding out what these are and choosing the best approach to coaching for each rep is a difficult skill to master.

You need Sales Management Coaching