Planning to succeed?

A thorough sales plan should identify the target market and client as well as documenting the selling and buying process - all of which will need to be reflected in any sales methodology that you select. The goals will need to be aligned with your business and supported by a marketing campaign. Failing to plan is planning to fail...

Making your first sales hire?

Making a hiring mistake or two can have a huge impact on your sales team. It can hurt sales numbers, impact morale, and reflect poorly on you. Hiring is your opportunity to leave your stamp on your team, improve your team and prove that you can find, train, and manage successfully.

Hitting the ground running?

Once you have made that important first hire you will need to make sure that on-boarding takes place quickly so that she hits the ground running. You will need to provide all the tools and equipment including systems and process to enable you to manage with minimum involvement.

You need Virtual Sales Director