Too big not to have a sales director, but too small to afford one full time?

You have spent years building a compelling product proposition that challenges the market-leaders by providing an innovative solution to a real business need. As you think about scaling up your business to meet the increasing demand from your growing customer base you make your first sales hire - an experienced professional with a deep knowledge of the sectors that you serve. What's next though - how do you begin to build an efficient sales management system without the overhead of recruiting a full-time sales director?

That's where Sales Code can help.

Imagine having somebody in your business who has over 25 years of insanely successful sales experience gained from launching 5 multi-million pound businesses. A dynamic leader who still loves the challenge of closing the next sale and who measures success in sustainable profit.

How much would you value a flexible resource with a deep understanding of all aspects of business growth, CRM; processes; management and control; sales recruitment; social media; marketing; new client acquisition and client cultivation?

Would that put rocket fuel in your growth-tank?  Of course it would.  No more costly mistakes; access to cutting edge sales tools and techniques and an ability to change the whole organisation if necessary.  But without a full-time commitment.

Welcome to the Virtual Sales Director service - on-demand access to an experienced sales director.

Virtual Sales Director will see your business move into the next league or even the one above that!

For more information on the virtual sales director service, please contact us on +44 (0) 203 772 454